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Bikini Waxing - Female             $35  
Brazilian Waxing - Female             $50  
Brow Waxing             $12  
Chin Waxing             $12  
Face Waxing             $35  
French Bikini Waxing - Female             $45  
Full Leg Waxing - Female             $65  
Full Legs Waxing-Male             $75  
Half Leg Waxing -Female             $50  
Lip & Brow Waxing             $20  
Lip Waxing             $10  

Underarm Waxing







Body Treatments 


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Peppermint Foot Treatment 

15 min $30 / 30 min $50

Exhilarating peppermint brings relief to tired achy feet. A minty scrub softens rough dry skin, followed by a fabulous foot massage.



 Salt Body Glow 

20 min $50

Sea salt combined with sunflower oil and aromatherapy oils, designed to calm and soothe. Finish with hydrating lotion applied to the body.



Sugar Butter Glow 

20 min $50

Smells good enough to eat! Natural sugars combined with oatmeal, aromatherapy oil and sunflower oil to moisturize leaving skin smooth and soft.



Activated Charcoal Mud

Slimming Body Wrap

50 min


This 45 minute body wrap is paired with infrared light and can burn up to 1000 calories. Our rejuvenating body wrap begins with a nutrient rich mask applied to the body, wrapped in special foil blanket, then covered with an infrared thermal blanket. Relax, swear, detox and moisturize while slimming. 


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Steamy Wonder Therapeutic Treatment is a canopy that uses stream and heat to open pores and allowed for better product penetration. 

Weight loss and cellulite reduction:

As you relax in the Steamy Wonder, your body is actually working to eliminate toxins and burn fat. 

Body Purifications and Detox:

As the heat opens the pores, you will be releasing toxins and impurities and boosting the metabolism.

Joint and Muscle benefits:

Reduces pain and inflammation as well as muscle stiffness. Increased blood circulation carries metabolic waste products and delivers oxygen-depleted muscles so they recover faster. 


50 minute Spa Service $139.



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