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Chair Massage 20 minutes $20. / 30 minutes $30 

Can easily be done on your lunch break.


Tension Tamer 25 minutes $50 

A targeted neck, back and shoulder massage that focuses on your most commonly painful areas. Or concentrate on face, scalp, head, and neck to bring relief for those suffering from chronic headaches.


Deep Tissue 50 minutes $80

An extensive full body, deep tissue massage. If your body is in a high stress situation and in need of severe muscle manipulation, you will benefit from this extended treatment.
Deep Tissue 80 minutes $125  


Hot Stone Massage 50 minutes $80 

Increase the effects of massage with soothing heat. Smooth stones are heated, placed, and used on the body to increase circulation and melt tight muscles.


Hot Stone 80 minutes $80/$125  

Swedish Massage 50 minutes $75 
A full body relaxation massage that reduces muscle tension with long flowing strokes and gentle kneading to ease sore, tired muscles, improve circulation, and restore balance to the body.
Swedish Massage 80 minutes $100  


Cooling Swedish Massage 50 minutes $80 


Therapeutic Custom Massage 50 minutes $75. 

This massage is for those who want to target a problem area of discomfort, acute pain and/or chronic muscle tension.  Your therapist will employ trigger point therapy, deep tissue, reflexology and more.

Therapeutic Custom Massage 80 minutes $110.


Couples Massage $70 each. 50 minutes each

Enjoy our Swedish massages for couples in connecting rooms. Must book 2 appts.
Lava Shell Massage 50 minutes $100
Feel your stress and tension float away and let your imagination take you to a tropical paradise. Carrollton Square Spa is one of the few spas in the metroplex to delight your body in this holistic treatment using heated tiger clam shells.


Aromatherapy Massage 50 minutes $80 

Your massage therapist will add your choice of fragrance to you massage.


Hot/Cold Stone Massage 50 minutes $100 

Alternating hot and cold stones incouraging more oxygen and nutrients and removal of toxins from the body. 


Prenatal Massage 50 minutes $80. 

This massage creates a quiet and comforting experience, resulting in deep relaxation for both mother and baby. Relieves back tension and water retention in the legs and soothes body, mind and spirit. This service is also tailored to new moms as well.
Extra supports and caution are used, but guests are encouraged to consult a physician prior to treatment. Services will not be performed during the first trimester.


Sports Massage 50 minutes $85 

For the athlete or anyone with a challenging fitness regimen. Muscle groups used in specific sports or activities are worked pre or post event to ready or recover your body to keep you on top of your game.


Reflexology Massage Feet,Hands &Ears with Peppermint Foot Scrub 50 min. $85 

Targeting reflex points in the feet, hands and ears to correspond to the organs in the body & a foot scrub.


Swedish Massage and Aromantherapy Foot Rub

50 minutes $80 

Swedish massage and choice of essential oil for a fantastic foot rub.


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