On-Site Chair Massage



Workplace Chair Massage
Will Help Employees:

Decrease Aches and Pain
Reduce Stress
Lessen Anxiety
Increase Morale
Improve Immune Function
Decrease Chance of Injury
and more

Help Your Business:
Increase Productivity
Decrease Absenteeism
Improve Retention Rates
Elevate Morale
Motivate Employees


Promote Wellness and Improve Your Bottom Line
It's proven: The healthier your employees are, the more profitable your company will be. Regular chair massage increases blood and lymph circulation and treats disorders that drain corporate profitability, such as back pain and high blood pressure.

Lower Health Care Costs
Research confirms that job stress threatens worker health and negatively impacts the bottom line.

Relieve Stress + Boost Productivity
Massage prevents chronic conditions caused by stress, increases alertness, reduces fatigue, enhances problem-solving and improves morale.

Promote Employee Engagement
You want your company to have an edge, but you don’t want edgy employees. Massage at Work is the easy-to-implement affordable answer that can increase appeal of other wellness initiatives.
  • Special Events, Parties & Private Events
  • Sporting Events: Golf, Running, Basketball, Football, Soccer
  • Marketing & Promotional Events
  • Appreciation Events
  • Nurses Week, Teacher Appreciation, Admin Professionals Week, Volunteer Appreciation





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